Welcome to Eggies World

Feed, raise and love your EGG / Monster entirely on the Tron network. Your new best friend needs your attention to hatch and gain rewards.


Hatch your EGG

Your new best friend needs your attention from day 1 to stay alive. All Eggs are unique and if you like your new best friend, you will have to keep your EGG alive. When starting over you will get another colored based new friend.


Player Rewards

Your in-game friend will earn you rewards based on EXP. Gain EXP by feeding, raising and loving your EGG / Monster. Play 6 vs 6 and the winning team earns 8 TRX per player.



EGGUITY token holders will receive quarterly rewards, of Eggies earnings, based on the amount of EGGUITY tokens in their wallet.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you play the game?

    In order to play Eggies.world, one must own an EGG or SEED EGG. With care and supervision, each EGG will hatch into an unique Monster. Players will be able to earn daily TRX (or SEED, if a player holds a SEED EGG) through different game activities that earn EXP. The higher the EXP rank in relation to other Monsters, the higher the daily rewards that will be earned.

  • Do you have a whitepaper?

    Yes, the whitepaper can be found here: Whitepaper Eggies.world

  • When will the game launch?
    Eggies.world is set to launch Beta before the end of 2018. To get the latest updates follow us on Telegram: https://t.me/Eggiesworld
  • What are the different ways I can get rewards from the game?
    There are three ways to earn rewards from the game:

    • Playing with an EGG will earn a portion of the staking rewards based on XP level.
    • SEEDGerminator investors earn a percentage of Eggies.world earnings. EGGUITY tokens have been send to all investors, which will be used to count their percentage of Eggies.world.
    • Holding SEED will earn SEEDGerminator rewards distributed by SesameSeed.
  • What is the difference between an EGG and a SEED EGG.
    An active EGG will produce daily TRX rewards based on their rank. An active SEED EGG will produce daily SEED rewards based on their rank. SEED EGGs will also have a limited skin.
  • What do I do if my Monster is poisoned? Will it kill my Monster?
    Poisoning only reduces the number of days that a player will have to nurture their Monster back to health by feeding it. Only a Monsters owner can let their Monster die completely by not providing basic needs.
  • How do I buy an EGG?
    There are two ways to buy an EGG.

    New players can buy an EGG on the first page of Eggies.world.
    New players can buy an EGG on Telegram with Seedit: https://t.me/Eggiesworld

    Eggies.world is not responsible for EGG trades in trade channels.
  • I have an EGG, now what?
    We are currently in Development stage for a beta release before the end of the year 2018. Make sure to stay up-to-date with our game progress, view the latest video’s and pictures by joining us on:

  • How long does an EGG take to hatch?
    The average time to hatch an EGG will be between 1 and 2 weeks depending on your activities.
  • How often do I have to check in on my EGG for it to remain active?
    An EGG must be fed at least once a week to stay active. However, if an EGG / Monster is poisoned, it must be tended to at least once in 3 days.
  • How can my EGG/Monster gain EXP?
    EGG / Monsters can gain experience through different game activities. They can eat, exercise, play, and socialize. Different activities will yield different amounts of EXP.
  • Will I be able to play multiple monsters from one wallet?
    No a wallet can only grow and support one unique Monster. If you want more than one Monster, you will need another wallet to play from.
  • Is it true other people can heal or hurt my monster while I am offline?
    Yes, this is true; however, no one will be able to kill your Monster. If you check on your Monster frequently, you will be able to revive your Monster easily. Also outsiders will not be able to use your Monster to battle or add / remove wearable items.
  • What happens if my Monster dies? Is it gone forever?
    A player can transfer their EGG to another wallet and start over. The new EGG / Monster will have different DNA qualities that will be unique to the new wallet.
  • Will it cost more TRX to keep my monster alive as its EXP rises?
    Eggies.world aims for average active players to earn more than they spend.
  • How much will food cost?
    There will be many different food items in the game and your Monster will have preferences. Keeping your Monster healthy will cost around 1- 5 TRX a week.
  • How do the reward rank work?
    There are 6 EXP ranks for earning daily rewards:

    Rank 1 the top 100 Monsters, the ones with the highest level of EXP.
Rank 2 Monsters ranked #101 - #500
Rank 3 Monsters ranked #501 - #1,000
Rank 4 Monsters ranked #1,001 - #5,000
Rank 5 Monsters ranked #5,001 - #10,000

    Rank 6 Monsters ranked #10,001 - #100,000


On launch rank 1 will fill up first with the first 100 Monsters, however, those players will need to maintain a high EXP level in order to stay in rank 1.

Redeem EGG

Send your EGG(s) you wish to redeem to the address
And receive 1,000 TRX per EGG.

Goodbye, my friend..